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One of the biggest challenges with chat bots is getting Facebook Messenger subscribers to engage once they have subscribed.  If you don't get your subscribers to engage with you then you wont be able to meet your subscribers needs.

The solution I have found for this is to leverage what I have coined the “conversation funnel”.  In the “conversation funnel” you gradually ratchet up the engagement over time by leveraging higher and higher forms of communication.  You start with (business Messenger to personal Messenger) text chat, move to audio chat, then video chat and finally move them over to personal Messenger to personal Messenger.  Click “send to messenger” below to engage with me on Messenger and to get this entire article delivered in Messenger.  🙂

In the following images I show how you leverage the various forms of communication in business Messenger and personal Messenger.

This is all done using an iPhone and as far as I know you cannot send either audio or video messages via an Android phone yet.  🙁

Business and Personal Messenger Apps

I use the Facebook Pages App to send and receive Messenger Messages from my Facebook Pages.  I use the Facebook Messenger App to send and receive Messenger Messages Facebook Personal Profile.

Business Messenger Elements

The following shows the elements that are used in to send and receive communications from my Facebook Pages Messenger.  The elements that are the most useful in moving people through the “conversation funnel” are the video, audio, images, text and saved messages (in that order) elements.

Recording Audio On Business Messenger

Click on the microphone first and them hold down the record button in order to record an audio message.  The audio message can be up to 60 seconds long from your phone.  🙂

Sending A Video Recording

Click the video button and hold down the send button to record a video recording.  The video recording can be up to 15 seconds in length.

Elements For Personal Messenger

You use the elements on Personal Messenger just like I indicated above for Business.  🙂  Please connect with me on Facebook Messenger at http://www.m.me/RyanSteinolfson in order to learn more great information like this.  🙂