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Okay, Ryan Steinolfson here. Hope you're doing good?

It's about a quarter till twelve, and I'm gonna talk to you about transferring a chat conversation, from your chat bot in messenger over to yourself, so that you can actually take over the conversation from the chat bot.

Why would you want to do that?

The reason why is because if you don't effectively take that conversation over, then you can't effectively bring somebody through that conversation funnel. That's really valuable.

It's really important to be able to bring somebody through the conversation funnel by giving them additional value, by giving them key words and conversing with them via audio messages and video messages, in order to bring them through that conversation funnel much more quickly, much more rapidly, and much more deeply into that conversation funnel than you would if just the chat bot was conversing with them.

So that's the problem, people just aren't doing this.

They're just letting the chat bot do all the work, and really the value in creating these chat BOTS is to take the conversation back, and to take the conversation back over.

Let me give you an example.

I want to let you know that that this is all brand new territory, and I want to preface this by saying that you really have to have a inbox for messenger that has the new inbox, that that looks like this.

If it doesn't look like this, and it doesn't have these five folders, one of them being the done folder, when you go up here to the left, then you need to upgrade your inbox, to the new inbox for messenger.

If you do not see a done folder, in order to identify your folders, then what you need to do is you need to upgrade to the new inbox.To do that there should be something up in the top left, that asks you if you want to upgrade to the new messenger inbox, or the new messenger.

Once you've done that, here's what you can do. You will be able to see both sides of a conversation. So in Messenger you will see communication between yourself and the customer, in my case for this example I'm communicating with James O'Brien real estate.

You can see the flip side of each conversation right here in Messenger. For this example, you're seeing the James O'Brien real estate side, and you're seeing the Ryan Steinolfson side, engaging with the James O'Brien real estate chat bot. Having said that, now the chat bot has delivered all of this information directly to me in my personal Messenger inbox.

As James real estate bot, I know that the bot has delivered the value. So I want to take the conversation back over again

Okay, how do I do that?

You do that by moving any messenger conversation that's in the done folder, into the inbox folder. How, by clicking on this little box, you can move a conversation from the inbox to the done folder. You can see that item move to done. Now if you go to the done folder, you can now see that conversation there.

Okay, that's awesome but why?

Because now the bot can continue to do what it does. It takes over the conversation, when I'm not around. If the conversations in the done folder, it means that I'm done conversing with them, and I want the bot to take over.
Think of the bot as being in the done folder.

If I want to take the conversation back, all I got to do is click right here.

chat botBecause I'm in the done folder, and I can move the conversation back into the inbox.
Now I can take the conversation over, and continue having the conversation with me, personally.

I want you guys to see that that's how it works. You want to be able to have a conversation with people, and not have the bot take over the conversation. That's what you're able to do by moving somebody from the done folder to the inbox, and from the inbox to the done folder, when you want the chat bot to take over the conversation again.

The Conversation Funnel

The reason why is because you want to be able to take that person through the conversation funnel. Like you can see is happening in your inbox, if I type in hello, me personally to messenger, I'm in the inbox, so the bots not going to take over the conversation.

However, if I move myself to the done folder, and let the bot take over the conversation, if I retyped in hello, then the bot will actually communicate back.

I hope that makes sense. I hope you understand how this works.

Have any questions?

You can ask them here.

This is how our custom chat BOTS work, and this is why Facebook has moved to this new messenger platform, for your page, so that you can move people from conversing with the chat bot, into a place where you take over the conversation.

Okay I hope that makes sense. If it really adds value to you, then go ahead and like this, go ahead and share it.

And really this is going to help you create better conversations, better conversation flows, and allow you to bring people through that conversation funnel much more effectively.

Let me know what questions you have. Post them in the comments below.

Thank you, bye bye.

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