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What if somebody messages your company on Facebook and you don't respond to them for days or worse yet you don't ever find out that somebody has sent your company a Facebook Message?  That will never happen if you follow the 3 simple steps below.  Even better, you can create automated responses with a Facebook Messenger bot so that the person that sends you a message will be able to get the answers to the questions that they have without you doing a single thing (that is what a Facebook Messenger bot does).

The best thing about Facebook Messenger bots is that you can engage with the people that message your Facebook Page in ways that traditional email marketing would never allow you to do.  Some of the benefits of Facebook Messenger marketing are:

  • send a 15 second video to a person instantly through Messenger
  • send up to a 60 second audio message to an person
  • see the entire chatbot conversation history with a person and reply accordingly to the person
  • have an admin help you correspond in real time with people that are messaging you
  • message is real time so there is no delay in delivery,  the person can get instant answers, and you can move people thorugh your buyers journey more rapidly
  • your message delivery is 100% as long as the person is subscribed to your Pages Messenger
  • typical open rates on Messenger messages are 50% to 80%
  • typical click through rates are 20% to 50%
  • tag people in Messenger based on actions they take
  • learn how to set up Facebook Messenger marketing in a day
  • don't have to write long email copy to engage with people
  • advertise to your messenger subscribers (custom audience) through Facebook Advertising

Please share this instructional guide if you find it beneficial and please message me on Facebook by clicking the button below with any addional questions.

1.Turn messaging on

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on Messages

3. Check the box that allows people to contact you Page via Messenger

4. Save Changes

2. Add Message Button To Page

  1. Go to Page
  2. Edit Button

2. Add Message Button To Page

  1. Click on “Get In Touch”
  2. Click on Send Message

2. Add Message Button To Page

* If you just want to send a welcome message to people without setting up any more automated responses then you can just do the following:

  1. Click on Turn on Instant Replies
  2. Add personalization to your Messenger response for anybody that messages you page
  3. Click on save changes

2. Add Message Button To Page

Add more Facebook Messenger bot automation to your page by following the steps below:

  1. Turn off Instant Replies
  2. Save Changes

3. Create Facebook Messenger bot automation

  1. Go to Many Chat
  2. Click on Get Started

3. Create Facebook Messenger bot automation

  1. Click on Sign in With Facebook

3. Create Facebook Messenger bot automation

  1. Identify the Facebook Page that you want to start creating Facebook Messenger bot automation on
  2. Choose the automation tab
  3. Click each automation tool under the automation tab one by one from top to bottom and watch the training video for each so that you know how to set each automation up
  4. Watch the training video for each tab by selecting the quesion mark for each tab