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If you create a Facebook Messenger chatbot and nobody finds it then what is the point?  That is exactly why Facebook is making it so that people can find your Facebook Messenger chatbot (available now) on both Messenger search and Facebook search (coming soon).

Imagine you're a realtor and somebody is in your area searching for a home.  The person opens their phone to Facebook Messenger to message a friend and up pops your real estate bot on their phone.  The previous example can happen very easily because over 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger.  The following three things have to happen in order for your chatbot to show up:

  • You need to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot
  • The person is in your local area or searched for your keywords
  • You need to list your chatbot to be discoverable on Facebook

If you follow the simple instructions below you will have a much greater chance that somebody will find your business from with your Facebook Messenger chatbot

After you follow the simple instructions below please allow about 24 hours for somebody from Facebook to check out your chatbot to make sure that it complies with their terms of service.

Facebook Messenger chatbot settings

After you log in to your Facebook Page click on the “Settings” button

Messenger platform

1. Click on Messenger Platform

2. Scroll down the page

Discover Settings

1. Click on Setup

2. Fill in your overview

3. Select your primary and secondary categories

4. Fill in your keywords

5. Fill in your language

6. Fill in your summary

7. Click on submit

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