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Facebook Messenger Manychat opt-in is a great please to solve one of the biggest challenges for people,
especially in the Live Video world that I live – Which is :

They don't have offers.

Don't have a way for people to engage with them.

And don't have what we call a lead magnet, that they can give away.


Lead Magnets Are Crucial

When you don't have a lead magnet,  you don't really have a reason for somebody to be able to to opt-in. You are therefore not giving them any ‘bait'.  There is a worksheet that we have, that will help you come up with a very enticing lead magnets that are irresistible. An irresistible lead magnet is something that people can't resist the urge to download, because it's solving a problem that they have.

So the first thing I would do is identify what that problem is that you're trying to solve.  That problem you can solve, that little secret piece of information that if you gave somebody, they would think

‘WOW! I've got all my issues, my problem solved that have to do with what it is you're an expert in.'

So for example, for me it's live video. One of the first things that people want to get over is how to get, or learn is how to get over the fear of going live on Facebook. So how to do that is one of the things that I give away. It is is my my 3 steps to overcoming your fear of doing a live video. So that's really valuable. But because a lot of people would want that another free lead magnet, then I give away the 5 steps for interviewing people on live video.

If somebody is at that level, then they might want to consume that. Those are really critical, very important pieces of content, that people would want to consume.

Now once you've got that piece of content in the form of a PDF, I recommend a case study.

The question is how do you deliver that content?

This is why email marketing is so valuable and more specifically now, what we're talking about now is Messenger marketing on Facebook.

Using Messenger automation or chat automation, where you can automate that conversation and deliver that PDF right up front directly, even from for example a Facebook post.  

So for example if somebody actually says in a comment a certain keyword such as ‘GUIDE’ – If you have a guide on going live for the first time. You can use whatever keyword that you want to identify or that you want people to type in order to get that piece of content.

Then when they type that pre defined keyword, as a comment on that live video post on Facebook, they immediately receive the guide to their Facebook Messenger inbox as a PDF, and so that begins the the conversation that you have with them

Facebook Messenger Bots – It's like an email opt-in.

Having said that, how easy is it to set this up? It's actually pretty easy, if you have the right tools and that's why Facebook Messenger is so valuable now to marketing.

I am using a tool called ManyChat – it's a great tool. It works really well and it's pretty darn easy. So if you're trying to do Facebook Messenger automation, use a tool that helps you create that conversation.

So in order to deliver that lead magnet – that irresistible PDF or a case study, this is what you'd have to do.

First and foremost you would go to the growth tool section, and you would choose new growth tool and you can get people to actually jump in to your offer by just giving them a message referral URL.

If you create this link ahead of time, when they click on this they will go to a URL with the reference code that opens your botnet page and Messenger. This is specifically useful when you want to track traffic sources or have a separate welcome flow for different audiences.

Customising the experience:

What's awesome is that when you create this unique link, that gives that person a unique welcome message.

In the beginning you can start it differently than the way that other people come into your messenger conversation. What does that do that gives you the opportunity to deliver your PDF or your content.

They can either click on the link or you can specifically identify a post on Facebook that you want to add a keyword to.

When somebody types in that keyword as a comment on that post, they are immediately dropped right into the welcome message, which means they instantly get sent the PDF, or receive the other amazing content with no delay!

It's immediate – that's what's so powerful about Messenger!

There is no delay at all – it literally is instantaneous!

Email sometimes has deliverability issues.

Facebook Messenger has none of that!

There is literally no waiting, there's no five second, ten minute,  twenty minute delay, it happens instantaneously! That is what is so cool!

These are just two ways that I would get people into your Messenger conversation, your Messenger chat bots. It's as simple as this!

Now naming the Messenger referral URL ‘go live’
This is what we're going to name it.
This is the link to get to ‘how to go live’ PDF

We can enter them when they click this link – right into a sequence and this is the Welcome message that the person gets it's very very simple.

A sequence is just a sequence of messages that go out over a certain period of time, that have a certain delay on them based on what delay that you want to have between messages.

It’s an automated sequence that starts once the person is added to the sequence. Content is then delivered without any interruption, based on the delay choices that you decide to use in between each piece of content being delivered.

It’s very simple to use and set up.

What we would need to do is create a sequence that is ‘how to go live’, and then we can deliver that PDF in the sequence, or you can just deliver it right up front in the welcome message.

The question is how do you edit the opt-in welcome message?

Open the welcome message with
‘ hi (person's first name) ‘ – Because you can choose all kinds of variables, that you can add directly to the message.

Inside Facebook Messenger

We've collected information already, and can use these variables, including the defaults :

  • first name
  • last name
  • full name
  • page

Custom fields is a whole new subject.

But let’s keep it simple, something like this…
We want to welcome them in Facebook Messenger (Via Manychat)

Welcome (First name)

Thank you for wanting to get our FREE How To Go Live PDF, that I was talking about.

WARNING – If you use this, you will be getting many new customers for your business FREE, almost instantly. New leads!

PS – Type guide in below to get the PDF

Publishing that and delivering will start the process, but we still need to get them to opt-in. So they are now just in our system but they're not opted in, so they have to engage with our bot in order for them to opt-in!

This is why we need them to type in GUIDE again once they are in messenger chatting to us. Then we deliver them the PDF, and all we've got to do is slide that file PDF – we just literally drag and drop it right into the bot,  and add text here to say hey thank you for getting our guide, now what do you want to do?

Then you can add buttons and start a further conversation with them, and based on their actions you can see if they have done one of the things you asked. If so you can subscribe them to a to the bot. Technically they are already subscribed, but you can add them to a content delivery sequence based on their choices from your button options.

Manychat – Its easy – But just takes a little setting up! 

I wanted to show you this is how you can get people into your Messenger conversation very quickly and easily by giving them the answer to one of their problems. It’s important to then deliver that content to them instantaneously via facebook Messenger and you'll see everything that's going on in the back end.

Just so you guys know who Crystal is, Crystal’s on my team & she's the one who is implementing these for you. Now she's starting to implement these for a lot of our customers and clients.

Whatever questions you have are also probably questions that other people will have as well.

What’s great about ManyChat is it really keeps you on point – it won't let you do anything unless it's actually correct.

So once published this is in our growth tools section.

What I would do is create a sequence, that's in the automation section, because once somebody gets to PDF,  you want to create a automated conversation with them over time that happens automatically.

This is what's so cool about this, is that just like with Infusionsoft, you can do the exact same thing with ManyChat!

All you do is

  • Click on ‘new sequence’
  • Go to the names sequence
  • Adjust / Set Delay

NOTE : Then what’s cool here is the delay that I was telling you about, that you can set up. Once you click on it, you decide how many days, minutes or hours after each previous piece you want, and then this is when that message is going to be sent.

It's like paint-by-numbers!

It literally tells you and gives you suggestions on what you should put in here for the best results. Such as ‘remind your subscriber who you are and why they are getting messages from you then deliver valuable information’

This is how easy is this!

Anybody can do this stuff, and I just want you know now, I would lay this out and give it a plan. You want to see the bigger picture and there are tools out like bot mock. This is a this cool tool  that allows you to lay out your entire sequence so you can actually see the sequence as a bigger picture. How it's all connected and where people go.

It can get a little confusing if you can't see how all how the message trees are created.

I want to encourage you guys connect with us
Go to 📲  http://m.me/ryansteinolfson

If this has given you value then please give it a share and connect with us.  

I will answer your questions via an audio message – That's one of the things that it's another secret I'm going to give you a little bonus here.

The value of many chat is the fact that you can engage with the people that want to engage with you on a level that you cannot do with any other tool!

You can send up to a 15-second video message, which I do personally, or you can send up to a 60-second audio messages, that personalize the experience.

Facebook Messenger

It's instantaneous, you don't have to wait a day, two or three for an email message to be delivered to somebody.

My hope is for you to just message us so that we can answer your questions and add value for you. And also to show you how to use these tools and how to leverage them with tools like live video also. That way you can not only engage with people on a different level, but get more conversions and become the authority in your industry.

That's what you really are able to do with these kind of tools.

You're able to be the authority and really deliver results and value, and that is what's going to convert more people into long-term customers, after they become leads.

When they are leads, they opt-in to your Messenger sequences, and that's why you need the lead magnet in order to attract them into your new lead converter, which is Facebook Messenger.

Remember : 
It is effective because it is simple to use, the people are there and it’s familiar to them.


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