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Ryan Steinolfson here, and I'm going to give you a very very powerful strategy that is going to help you get more subscribers to your Facebook Messenger. So get ready!

One of the biggest challenges that I find that people have is that they don't know how to :

  • Engage with people in Facebook Messenger.
  • Start the conversation

There's a very simple yet powerful Facebook Messenger Subscriber Strategy that I think is just being overlooked!

I don't even know that if everybody has access to this tool yet?
I just stumbled upon it the other day, as I was responding to somebody's comment.

I will say that if you don't have a way to get more to start conversations within Facebook Messenger, then you're just not going to be able to grow your Tribe, your followers and you're not going to be able to really create engaging conversations.

I had a conversation with a colleague of mine the other day, and she was saying how much she didn't like Facebook Messenger BOTS. And I agree!

For my page my whole goal is to have a conversation with somebody and I'm going to show you right now how to do that with every single comment that comes in to any post that you make – whether live or any post on your page.

Facebook Messenger Subscriber Strategy

What I've done is – I created a video the other day & looking at the post, it was on August 11th.

Notice that this is a whole other topic, but the captions here are awesome.

You get about a 10% bump in people actually watching your videos when you do that.

You can see my comments – this is a whole other lesson right here in and of itself. But make sure you put these links in here so that people can go directly into your Facebook Messenger while you're live.

If you look at my comments or you look at other people's comments, notice this one and a lot of people might know this already, but you can reply to somebody. but you can also send the message.

Okay, so that's really powerful.

If I actually respond to a message it says, I'm responding to [ USERNAME ] and I'm writing this message as Ryan Steinolfson.
I'm responding to his response or comment on this post.
So it tells me exactly what's going on below the message composer.

After sending the message, you'll notice what happens is, or at least what should happen, is that it should say something different.

It shows the time I responded to this section of this post, and what the post is about. That's the topic.

I just want to show you, that in messenger, if you respond to somebody's comment on your post then what will happen is messenger will let you know what post you are responding to. So that you can keep track of when you responded directly to that person, and what post it was that they were responding to. 

This will help you keep track of what's going on.
Why is this so important?

This Facebook Messenger Subscriber Strategy allows you to create a conversation with somebody, and get them into your messenger bot so that they can subscribe.
Okay, well, why does that matter?

Well, because when they subscribe, and all they have to do is take some action once they're in messenger.
Once they go over and they respond to you, they are subscribed.

This is especially powerful because you can then send them individual audio messages.

Regarding my earlier point, from a colleague who didn't like chat BOTS – I agree!
Don't send that person to a chat bot conversation.

What I do is I actually what I do is, I send that person up to a 14 or 15 second audio or you can send them up to a sixty second audio message.

How cool is that!

This is such a simple yet powerful Facebook Messenger Subscriber Strategy, that you can start using today!

Okay, so, that's really cool because what that's going to do is that's going to create amazing engagement between you and that person. Which will in turn make them a lifetime subscriber!

How did that all start?
It started with a simple comment that they made on one of your posts.

it doesn't have to be a live video, although I would suggest very highly that you invite people to leave comments on your live videos.

I would highly advise that you leave links like the ones I showed you earlier, so it makes it very easy for them to get into your conversation, to your messenger.

What's up Jay?
Thanks for joining,, and Jay let me know what you think of this.
I want you to re-watch this and put a comment in.
So that you can actually see how I respond to you from this post, using exactly the strategy that I was just talking about.

So instead of me actually replying or responding to your comment, what I'm going to do, and this same exact thing works for your smartphone as well. You can go to any post and when somebody leaves the comment, you can very easily respond to them via messaging instead.

So I did send a response earlier, but let me go to somebody that I didn't talk to.
Okay like let's say Chris Wilson, look at this… This message, when this little button, this little link here, allows me to leave that person a message instead of leaving a reply right here,
This is a message that will bring them into my Facebook messenger for my page.

Why is that important?

Because there I can have a much more engaging conversation with them, at any time in the future. This means send a broadcast message to them using automation based on what they say that they want to learn more about.

And this is all starting right here from just them commenting on one of my posts. So again, I'm engaging with them instead of back with another comment. I'm engaging with them through messenger.

That then brings them into my messenger, so that I can then send them content in the future based on their interests. And I can also do a lot more really amazing stuff with them in messenger that I can't do anywhere else.

[ Chat with viewer about Facebook Messenger Subscriber Strategy ] 

What do you think about that Jay?

Give me some feedback and put that feedback in as a comment and let me know what you think.

Alright, thanks for joining, and join me here – I'm going to put my link in here really quick : m.me/ryansteinolfson

Go ahead and click on the link and join me over on Facebook Messenger.

So are you going to try this, Jay? Let me know.

I'm telling you it's super powerful!

Please share this if you think it's great information, and I will talk to you guys soon.
All right thanks.

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