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It's easy to get Facebook Messenger Subscribers From Facebook Posts with this new technique & Facebook tool!

Ryan Steinolfson here, and I help businesses and brands leverage live video in order to get more customers.

Today I'm going to talk to you about a FREE new tool that will allow you to start conversations directly from a Facebook post.

You might say well why would I want to do that?

Well the key to really having any sort of long-lasting relationship with any prospective client, customer, patient etc is to start a conversation with them. So how do you do that?

Really simply all you got to do is use this brand new tool.
It's actually built right into Facebook

This is really really powerful – I want you guys to check this out.
I want to put in the link to my Facebook Messenger.
And by the way if you guys don't know, everybody has a Facebook Messenger attached to the page.

You can easily get people to start conversations with you with this magic link.

m.me/(whatever your page name is)

Actually creating a post – there is an add a messenger button, right below the post creation tool.

“It's all about relationship building and helping people.'
Yes totally agree! And it's about having a conversation with people. A chat conversation.

So what I did is I just started a post, and that's all I did here.
So I typed in where it says ‘Say something' and then this little ‘add a messenger button' is right here.

If you don't have it you can actually do a search on on Facebook for how to add this Facebook Messenger button to your page.

You can actually see I've added it to my page here so if anybody goes to my page they can actually send a message to me. And if you want to experience this I can actually show you – I can send you more information about this.

I put a link in there in the comment that's https://m.me/RyanSteinolfson but that's how you do it.

Now when you actually type – when you actually set up this message. When you add a message button to your post, and then you type the information here, what happens is that the post is created and then right below the post.

I'm going to talking all about this on my LIVE EVENT coming up on August 26.
I've got – I call it my Facebook Trifecta or Triple Play Strategy.

Here's the post. And then there's the send message button.

Facebook Messenger Subscribers From Facebook Posts

What's really cool is if you click on that you guys can experience what it's like to go into my messenger. So you can actually communicate with me directly. Which is more powerful guys, than you know, anything else really!

I mean because what you're doing is you're continuing the conversation with people that want to continue a conversation with you.

It's as good as an email marketing system or better, because I can send content to you based on what you tell me that you want to consume information about.

Herman let's say or Eric let's say you guys want to learn about live video. Okay well then I would tag you as wanting to learn more information about live video. So then in the future I would only send you messages about live video, in messages in messenger.

So again it's just think of it as being a totally separate place.
Separate from Facebook.

There's 1.3 or 1.4 billion people using it right now.
There's like two or three times more people using Facebook Messenger, than there are I think using other things like Snapchat – or something like that! It's crazy!

Most everybody that's using Facebook is also using the using Facebook Messenger platform and I find it an amazingly powerful way to engage with people that want to engage with me.

Now the question is how do you get more subscribers?

You can do that from your post, which is what I just showed you. Then there's other strategies which I'm going to talk more about at the workshop on August 26 here live from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Love to have you come out and join us.

We're going to talk about how you can actually leverage this strategy, combining with live video and Facebook Messenger ads. That's why I call it the Trifecta because Facebook Messenger Ads, Facebook Live & Facebook Messenger that's your Trifecta.

Go back and watch the video – You guys will be blown away about what I just shared!

Also now when I'm LIVE, you can see there's actually this little LIVE button on the left hand side of my Facebook Page that shows I'm live right now.

If you got value from this then please do share this out&  if you like the information – go ahead and share this.

Really, really powerful strategies – I call my again ; My Facebook Trifecta Strategy leveraging Facebook Live in order to do what I'm doing right now. In order to get people to go over to Facebook Messenger. I'm encouraging you guys to do that.

Here' my Messenger link you can click on that and that will take you in a messenger.

Get more people a messenger, so you can send more valuable content to people through the Messenger platform
Once you tag them, this becomes easier as you can send the most relevant information to them based on what they are interested in.

Think of your personal messenger.
There's actually a Facebook Messenger for your page.
That's what makes up the the third part of the Trifecta.
So it's Facebook Messenger

When you drive people to Facebook Messenger from Facebook Live videos and then what you do is – the third thing is is that you get more people to subscribe – that don't know you through Facebook Messenger ads. So they are ads – just like the posts, that I just showed you, and there's a ‘send message' button on the post. That then sends more people to your Facebook Messenger – so that you can engage with them, and start an engaging conversation with them.

I've got all kinds of strategies on how to make that really really engaging and fun and I blow people away.
Literally they're just like WOW!

When I send them for example a 14 second little video snippet through Facebook Messenger, it's a like Live video or I send them up to a 60 second audio message.

It's like nobody's doing that and that's the kind of engagement and WOW factor that you can create when you combine Facebook Live with Facebook Messenger and then you get more subscribers using Facebook Messenger ads.

Does that make sense? Let me know if that makes sense guys.

Ok give me a thumbs up.

Love to see you at the live event.

Thanks for all your support, and would love it if you guys shared this, and let me know if you guys have any questions – put them in Facebook Messenger.

Eric go to – I'm going to show you Eric!
Jump in go to https://m.me/RyanSteinolfson – You will not regret it!

Any of you guys that have not done that yet, you will be WOWed by the experience that I create with you guys in Messenger!

You'll be like WHOA! This is pretty cool. Okay take me up on that – let me know what you think, and I will send you more information if you want.

Actually this is what's really cool – In messenger when you're in there you can actually type in the word ‘WORKSHOP' as a keyword and you can get all the information that you want about the workshop that's coming up on the 26th August.

Okay thanks guys I'll talk to you soon.

Bye Bye.