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Ryan here, and I'm coming to you live from San Diego. I help businesses and brands leverage live video in order to get more clients, and get more customers. Today I'm talking about a new strategy, I just named. I just actually came up with this phrase. I don't think too many people are talking about it.

A lot of people are talking about Chat Bots now.
A lot of people are talking about Live Video,
A lot of people are talking about Facebook Advertising.

And, you've heard me talk about the the Facebook Triple Play; how they all how all three of those things relate. Well I want to take that one step further. Here's what I'm seeing as the, as really the big vision here – long term.

I've seen a shift, and businesses need to adapt and adopt this strategy.

I believe that every company in the next three years, is going to be adopting this sort of a strategy in order to become a rapid growth company.

It's gonna be a Conversation Funnel™

Now here's what I mean by Conversation Funnel™, and by the way if you don't do this, it doesn't mean you won't be able to grow. You'll be able to grow. It's just I truly believe that you will not be able to grow as fast, based on how powerful these strategies are, that you can implement today!

I'm telling you, it really will separate you.
It'll allow you to stay out of it the competition.
It'll allow you to become the leader in your industry.
And it will allow you to engage on a whole different level, and with the people that want to engage with your business.

It will also allow you to bring people through your ”funnel”.

We've all heard of the word funnel, which is just a quick and dirty way to explain – when you put people in the top, you end up getting sales out the bottom. And not everybody actually gets through that small little space the bottom, so you could have put a whole bunch people in the top, and people go through your process. And they end up, getting some people at the bottom that come out and end up producing income from your company.

Well wouldn't it be great to get people through that funnel a lot more rapidly?

Well that's why I am talking to you about what I'm saying today,
What I've phrased the conversational funnel or Conversation Funnel™.
And it all starts with live video.

I think that I would start there because that's gonna get access to have basically your own TV station, for lack of a better phrase. And as a result of that – what you do, this is one of the strategies that I'm gonna teach you. It is to get people to engage and comment below your videos.

If you have any questions on this – I'll show you how to use this Conversation Funnel™, and how to implement it very very quickly.

It all starts with what I'm doing right now. I like the model the behaviour that I want other people to do. So it all starts with live video,

It allows you to become the authority in your market place, and talk to people in a way that you can't talk to them in any other way.

I mean it, they see they can see who you are.
They can understand who you are>
They can engage with you, right here, in the live video.

And then they can engage with you after. That's why I call this conversation, a Conversation Funnel™

I'm having a conversation with you right now, and that's where it starts.

So there's people that come into the top of the funnel, into the conversation, via live video. Then what happens is, when you when you have that conversation with them, you end up in being able to continue the conversation, and give them more value.

Typically when somebody enters into a funnel, you give them what we refer to in digital marketing as a lead magnet.

So you give them something of value, and that something sometimes won't even get that value for a day or two with a email. Whereas with Facebook messenger or messenger automation – They get it instantly, like there's no there's no delay. It's instantaneous!

So you instantly deliver that value, and what happens is when when you do that, you create instantly that reciprocity.

Now what happens and the reason why this funnel is different than the email funnel, is because typically that back and forth and back-and-forth conversation that happens, happens for a lot longer. It's not it's not really a conversation,

This is a conversation, I'm having and it's real time!

What happens is when you leave a comment below on the video, and the conversation is continued in Messenger from the original chat on the LIve Video. And that's where the magic happens, because you can have that conversation, and continue it, by using or sending video to that person, so that it is a real conversation.

It's a back and forth, where you're sending audio message, they're sending audio message back, you're sending video message, they're sending video message back. And you can see that the elevation of that conversation happens so much more rapidly, than with just a very sterile email going back and forth.

By commenting below the video you give me the opportunity to engage further with you and offer more value.

I would love you to put a comment below one of the videos, so that you can actually experience what a Conversation Funnel™ is all about. Because what will happen, is I will then actually send you a response back within hours but definitely within 24 hours.

I promise you, I'll send you either, an audio message back and/or a video message back. I usually,

I always start with an audio message, I don't to freak people out!
And it'll be custom, it'll be directly to you.
And it will continue the conversation that we're having right now.

And what's happening in that Conversation Funnel™ that we've created is, I'm gonna deliver value to you. I'm gonna give you three pieces of value, that you can get when you when you jump in, when you click on the link the m.me/ryanseinolfson in the comments on my video or posts. Or you if you just leave a comment. I will message you and you can then use the words – either

Checklist to get my go live checklist.
So you know you know what to remember to do when you actually go live.

You can type in the word lead magnet,
In order to get my lead magnet worksheet, which I was talking about.

And then third you can get my trip wire, which is the the step after the lead magnet.

All of that value, and you can see the reason why we've got a lead magnet, taking somebody to a tripwire, is because the lead magnet is free, it's something that you're just you're extending the olive branch. You're giving something of value, and it's typically like something that is just mind-blowing. Something that  is SO much value. And it's like it's what you would give out to your best friend, if they came up to you and they knew what you were doing as a business, that you hadn't seen for years. When they ask – I really need help with what you do.

So for me, digital marketing – I would say, if I were you, I would create a lead magnet.
And I would do live video and create a checklist. So I would create a lead magnet.

That's why I'm delivering that content, is because that's where I would start. And that's why I'm giving that out.

I don't know what that thing is for you, but this lead magnet worksheet is going to help you actually put that together for your business. So you can at least start the conversation, and give value in advance. And create your own Conversation Funnel™, because that's really the opportunity you have.

Now what you do from there, I'm gonna I'm gonna exemplify, I'm gonna show you, I'm gonna I'm gonna very simply represent, plain as day.

You're gonna not gonna have a question on how to do this, when I when you comment below.

You'll see exactly how you can actually take somebody very rapidly through a Conversation Funnel™.

Where you start with a live video or even a post and they comment, you then respond to the comment with the little message. When you go to respond to a comment, on the right next to the comment it says either reply, or it sends it says message. Click on message, and that allows you to message that person.

That's a huge shift, when you message that person, you then bring them into messenger.
Into a conversation that allows you to continue the conversation privately.

Where you can more precisely answer their questions, and meet them in a place where they feel more comfortable. Because it's not live, it's not in front of other people. And they can ask you the questions that maybe they wouldn't be comfortable asking you on a live video as a comment.

I hope that makes sense? Let me know what questions you have.

When you leave the comment on my Facebook, and I message you – You jump in to my Messenger.

You've got three lead magnets that you have a choice of getting.

  1. A checklist, type in the word checklist.
  2. Our lead magnet worksheet, type in the word lead magnet
    (which will help you put together your lead magnet)
  3. Or trip wire, so just type in the word trip wire,

Anyway, hope you're doing good.
Let me know what questions you have, and I will talk.

By the way, I do have a workshop coming up this weekend in San Diego

If you want to learn how to do all this stuff, and yeah. I'm gonna be doing a workshop, where we'll teach people how to become the authority, and their mark, their leader in their market.

How to get their message out to their market.

I've literally had, clients of mine say, ‘Hey, I probably would have lost my business, because I didn't have an avenue, or a tool, that I could use to position myself as the leader. And also get my message out to the marketplace.'

Thanks guys.

Let me know what questions you have, and I'll talk to you soon,