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Ryan Steinolfson here – I help businesses leverage live video, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook messenger advertising, to get more customers. And to get their message out there to market, creating more leads, at a lower price than anywhere else.

I'm going to give you guys a really unique and new, powerful way to get more people into Facebook Messenger.

What does have to do with live video?

One of the things we use, and those we consult with do too, is that we have them leverage the power of Facebook Messenger in order to get more people on their Facebook live videos.

How do you do that? Firstly you increase your subscribers, and then when you go live, you can actually notify the people you are about to or have just gone live. This draws them into the video but in order to share your live video with those people, you first need to get them into the Messenger chat, so you can update them.

If you've tagged people in Messenger, you can even send the specific video that you're talking about to those most interested in it. Those people would previously have raised their hand saying that they want to hear more about it. So you can keep the content relevant and specific to their needs.

Let me tell you about this this new strategy.
It's called it's called customer matching. 

So if you are a business and you've got a database of names, emails, and cell phone numbers of people that you currently work with. And you want to move those people over to Facebook Messenger, because you realize just how powerful the conversation can be. We use Facebook Messenger, because the person doesn't have to wait to receive an email.

The open rate is tens of times higher with Facebook Messenger, because it's a message.
And people trust Facebook Messenger. 
Actually it's new, it's different, so they're curious.

The curiosity level is really high. I mean we're getting open rates now on Facebook Messenger like greater than 70 – 80 % . And we're getting clicks on links in the messages that we send on Facebook Messenger of like greater than say 30 / 40 % .

When compare that to email marketing, where you're looking at typically like 20 / 30 % open rates and clicks on links in emails, of maybe like 1-3 %. So that's the reason why!

It's just one of the reasons why I want to get my entire database over I'm doing this right now, with my business. I am scrubbing my database. Like basically uploading it to Facebook using an API, a web hook and matching all the people that I have names emails and cell phone numbers for. Then I'm able to direct message those people that I have a cell phone number for.

I can match up a cell phone number that they use on Facebook in order to send them a Facebook Message, so that I can start the conversation with them. Then it's up to them as to whether or not they want to opt into it.

So it's just a really fast way in order for you to be able to move your entire database, outside of sending your whole database an email and putting a link to Facebook Messenger in your email. (Which we already discussed has a low open and click through rate)

That's obviously a really simple strategy, right there in and of itself.

Okay so that's a backup. But this is another strategy I just wanted to introduce you guys to. And I'm going to show you some of the some of the documentation about this.

So here's the deal. If you go to your page and you go to settings, and then to messenger platform. And then you scroll down to just down to were you set up your discovery settings.

There are other videos, I've created about that, so go check those out. Here is my link : http://m.me/ryansteinolfson so that you guys can hit me up and communicate with me.

I answer every or any question within 24 hours with either an audio message or a video message.
So any question you have about that, please click on the link that I just posted as a comment right there.

So you can see with customer matching – first you have to say I confirm this page is based in the US, and then you basically need to create a web hook. It's a mini program. My team has created this already, but if you want to find the specific data about this, my agency can set this up for you.

If you've got a database we can easily match those people, so that you can send that initial message out. And you can find more data about this by going to customer matching for Facebook Messenger.

You can see there's a lot of specific rules here, as they talk specifically about the availability, getting access, there was a closed beta that they have, and there's another opportunity here with this new send API. Which is actually what we'd be using. It talks about what you need to do to get access to it. We would also walk you through that, with the team here at my agency.

Here's what's really interesting – what it looks like.

So the user receives your request, once we match up their cell phone number to somebody that has a cell phone number on Facebook, and were able to send them request. The user opens the message request, user reads your message and decides whether or not to accept. Once that happens, the user has opted into your bot conversation.

This is  when they are on boarded – once they respond. So, that's how the, that's the mechanism for them. That's what it would look like. So you would, our web hook, our program, that we've created is going to start this conversation with as many people as we can possibly match up with.

This matches people from your database, with people that are on Facebook Messenger. So if the people on your database have a cellphone number or an email that matches up with somebody on Facebook, then we'll be able to start this next process off.

Here are some of the requirements, and again you can see all the specifics on screen in the video above.  You don't need to get, to you know, concerned with all the details, I just wanted you guys to see what the requirements are.

The strategy here is, at the bottom line to get as many people as possible into your Messenger app. This is so you can have a conversation with them, so that you can engage with them. And leverage the tools, and the engagement opportunities of Facebook Messenger.

One of them is, that you can send audio messages.
Secondly you can send video messages.
And if you want to see how this is used, put a comment in the chat here : http://m.me/ryansteinolfson, and I will I'll show you how it all happens.

What I'll do is respond with the Facebook message, and then we can start the conversation in a new and engaging way. Then you will really see how engaging Facebook Messenger can be.

I've built my list too – I've added about 220 people over the past two and a half months on Facebook Messenger. And all I've done is simply asked people to comment.

Every single time that I send them a message back, they're blown away!

They can't believe how engaging it is! They don't understand how I send them – How I sent them an audio message or a video of me, where it's me responding to them.

Maybe not right off the bat, as some people would get kinda freaked out about it. But ultimately, just know that if I wanted to handle a customer service situation, I could do that by showing my screen.

I can demonstrate things.
If I was a realtor, I could go through a 15 minute property tour.
Or a 15 second brief walk through of a property, to get people to understand what the property looks like.

How and send that specifically to one person is so powerful!

If I was selling cars and I wanted to build my list. If I knew there was 10/15 people that wanted a certain car, and I actually sent each one of them a custom video of me introducing the car and talking about the car. Oh my gosh!

And I send it, saying, ”Hey, Brian – just want to send you a quick video about this new Ferrari. And look at how cool it is.”
I then flipped the camera around, and I sent it to them.

Message me, if you have any questions.

I mean that is a whole strategy that would be hard to implement over email. That's the opportunity that you have as a business to really treat every single person like they matter.

You do that, how do you do it? You do it by sending them a private message individually.

We're moving away from the days of broadcasting to everybody;
It's one-on-one relationships that we can have through engagement now.

I'm telling you, it's so much more powerful if you just sent one audio or video message to one person every single day.

So Liz – remember the experience you had when I first sent you an audio message via Facebook Messenger.
Was it a wow experience or what right?
It's very impactful.

And anyway I just, I appreciate you guys.

I'm going to continue to create some really great content from it.

And I have a workshop coming up this weekend on Saturday, where I'm going to be talking about the Facebook Tri-Fector / Triple Play Strategy. Where it's the interplay between the Facebook Live, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Messenger Ads, that drives you new leads, that we're generating right now for realtors that are less than a dollar!

And the ability that that gives you to have your own TV station where you can engage with people, on a whole new level. It is just so powerful.

Thank you and share this with people you think might benefit from this, that are curious about Facebook Live. That are curious about getting more leads using Facebook Live – especially anybody that's around San Diego, that might want to attend my event coming up.

Thanks guys.