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Live Stream Tools For Live Streaming Underwater

If you want to do some live streaming underwater your going to need some great live streaming tools because when you lower the phone under the water you loose the internet connection when your live streaming.  The good news is if you solve the live stream underwater connection problem you will immediately be doing something that currently (as far as I know) only two people have done successfully and as a result you might even be featured like @Mitch_Oates was during his now historic first ever underwater scope.  To give you an idea of what can happen if you get featured and do something unique like Mitch did, when Mitch got featured he had close 90,000 people watch live and during the replay and he gained somewhere close to 10,000 followers within 24 hours.

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Helmet Mount For KiteSurfing And Surfing

Ever since the first day that I started using Periscope I dreamed of a day when I could take people with me while live streaming and using some live streaming tools while I went paddle surfing, surfing, or kitesurfing while in Juno Beach (where I am from and live part of the year) or San Diego (where I live the other part of the year).  I wanted to immerse people in the feeling of those sports with fact that the video was live and because of the way I was mounting my phone right above my eyes to make it feel as if the viewers were seeing through my eyes.  After seeing Mitch's scope it energized me to stream while kite surfing etc. and so I searched for and found the helmet I used 5 years earlier with a GoPro.  I did my first surfing scope and the numbers and engagement I got made me want to figure out how Mitch did the underwater scope.  About that time my friend George (@civilizedcaveman) invited me go scuba diving with him out on Catalina Island.  After hours and hours of searching the internet etc. with George (he did most of the searching) we figured out how to make it work.  You see the problem is that you have to get the wifi signal from above the surface to the phone below the surface.  We purchased all of the equipment on the island and the first test bombed however we went back to the drawing board and figured out what we did wrong and were successful.

Watch my YouTube and Katch Video's below to see how we were able to live stream underwater with some cool live streaming tools.

If you want to learn more about live streaming underwater then follow me on Periscope or on Blab or visit my live streaming tools website.

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George Working On The Cable

George Working On The Cable

Connecting The Cable To The IPhone Housing

Connecting The Cable To The IPhone Housing

Paddlesurding Headmount

Screenshot Of Head Mount I Used For First Paddle Surfing On Periscope

Live Stream Under Water

First Live Stream Underwater On Catalina Island














How To Live Stream Underwater

The first step to live streaming underwater is that you need to connect the phone that your bringing underwater to a wifi source on the surface with a coax cable or a cable that will transmit the wifi signal to the phone under the surface.  Secondly you will have to modify the coaxial cable so that it will be able to transit the signal by exposing the cable and then sealing it so that the rest of the cable is not exposed to water.  In the pictures below you will see what we did to make it work.

There is a better way to do this as you can now live stream to Periscope from you GoPro and there are special cables made to transfer the signal from the GoPro to the phone on the surface with the wifi signal from a company called EyeOfMineActionCameras

Live Streaming Tools

Coax Cable We Used

Live stream underwater

Tube Used To Seal The Tip Of Coaxial Cable

Live stream tools

George Heating Sheath To Melt It To Exposed Coax

Live Streaming Tools

Pulling Sheath Over Exposed Coax To Seal It

George Heating The Tubing

I am going to be doing a blab with @MitchJackson in a few weeks to further explain how to live stream underwater.  If you want more information on how to live stream underwater then please just DM me on twitter in the mean time.