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Really excited to launch the GoLive podcast! This podcast will be about going live using our five-step blueprint process.  Using the blueprint will help in converting your audience into a closer, more intimate engagement.  We will also talk sales and marketing automation. Look forward to hearing back from you.




Read on for the full transcript:

All right, Ryan Steinolfson here and I am starting podcast #1. I'm really excited. I'm excited to kick this thing off. It's been a while. It's been a long time coming. I've thought about doing my own podcast a long, long time ago. I don't know … If you don't know who I am, I've been around the digital marketing space for the better part of the decade. I've been doing online marketing and live video for about five years now all the way back starting with Hangouts and even before that with other platforms like Livestream.

What has happened recently in terms of live video has spurred me through both my agency which, that's what I do for my day job is I own a digital marketing agency called Accelerate Marketing and we've been helping businesses, leveraged live video starting with just when we have our strategy sessions with them, with Google Hangout back years ago, what we did is we went live. We went live two at that time. It was to YouTube and with the advent of live video, back then, I saw the potential. The problem was that it wasn't really easy to press the button and go live quickly and easily.

Well, fast forward to about two years ago with Periscope and the advent Periscope, the Meerkat and things have been revolutionized. Now, we all have the power of having our own TV station in our back pocket. The question is, is what are you going to do with that as a business owner, as an individual, as a coach, as somebody that wants to just get their message out there? With my close to a decade of experience in digital marketing, what I'm finding is that there's this mashup if you will of the perfect storm and the opportunity where I've got this unique perspective. That's why I'm creating this podcast of understanding both the digital marketing side of things where I know now how to, and I've been doing it for my clients and customers throughout the world now for a while. I've learned how to convert traffic which is generated with many different strategies and one of the most powerful right now is to go live, traffic into paying customers.

That's what this whole entire podcast is going to be about. It's about going live and converting that traffic into a closer, more intimate engagement which can be through sales and marketing automation which is really powerful but really what it is, is it's going through a five-step blueprint that we created that deals with five different steps.

I've got people jumping in live because I am going live on Facebook Live and yes, I'm going to syndicate this content out and that's actually one of the steps. One of the five steps is the syndication. It's like a bonus step and I'm just going to show my screen here because I want you guys to … For you guys that are watching this podcast with video enabled, you can see this and I want to encourage you if you're not, you might want to watch it as well because there's going to be some bonuses that I'm going to be adding and sharing as time goes on that will be worth it for you guys to watch and listen. Not that you're not going to be able to listen because that's the core of podcasting, like that's what makes it so powerful is that you can just listen while you're going to work. Now, I'm going to give you the ability to be able to do that.

Here, I'm also going to leverage the power of going live because that's the power. In my opinion, it's being able to leverage the power of going live on a very powerful platform like Facebook or YouTube or Periscope even and then syndicating that content out so that you're everywhere. That's the gist of what it is that we're teaching businesses and brands how to do. That's at the core of what we're doing here and here's the five-step process. It involves the GoLive Interview Blueprint.

Step 1 is pre-event prep, just prepping for the event. Step 2 is promoting your GoLive event. Step 3 is positioning for a GoLive. Step 4 is post-event promo. The bonus is plussing your promo meaning syndicating it out there and step 5 is the postmortem debrief. There's a debrief that happens at the end in order to learn so that we get better and we make the next one better. That could be with your community manager or whoever is supporting you.

If I just summarize it very succinctly, it's teaching businesses and brands, how to leverage live video in order to get their message to the market, like that's what we're doing. The unique thing about what I do is there's this five-step process because … By the way, you don't have to be selling something in order to leverage this blueprint to get your message out there. We're going to dissect a few steps over time and I'm going to give you case studies of how we've done this with businesses, multimillion-dollar businesses down to small businesses that I meet with everyday, dentists, doctors, attorneys and how they're leveraging live video. For example, while I'm doing a strategy session with them. After I get done teaching them and talked to them about how we've done Facebook advertising for them through our agency and how we gained all these huge amount of traffic from Google advertising or Facebook advertising or even local optimization or location management or reputation management.

Bottom line is once we get those eyeballs there, once we get that traffic, then what do you do with it? How do you convert that traffic? That's what going live and live video is so useful for. It's creating that connection that you can only create leveraging the power of live video because let's face it, 70% to 80% of communication is body language. It's non-verbal. To be able to share that body language and who you are through the power of video is so, so powerful and that's why this medium, this new GoLive opportunity that we all have is so powerful as long as you have a way to convert and to create a closer connection.

Really, it's not about just sale. It's about being able to create a closer connection with the people that actually go to your event, show up at your live event whatever that is. There's these steps that will help you manage that process. It's the paint-by-number system to help you understand and make sense of how to go live, when to go live, what to do before, what to do after, et cetera and that's what I'm looking forward to really sharing in the long term.

I want you to know that you're in good hands. I have a lot of knowledge of both live video and the digital marketing aspect of it which is the other component that I think, not only think, I see nobody is really talking about. That's the real missing piece that I'm seeing out there and that's what we're going to hit head on and what platforms to use, whether it's … Do you use your smartphone? Once I use my smartphone, should I use the tech with my smartphone? Should I use microphone? How do I connect the microphone to my smartphone? If I've got an iPhone 7 versus the 6 versus an Android phone, we're going to address all of these, all the tech issues.

I'll talk about, for example, the three levels of tech. There's really three levels. One is smartphone and I've got all that … Mapped it all out for you, guys, it's crystal clear and so that you can understand and make sense of all these so you know what your options are. It doesn't have to be super technical. Just be aware that those options are there for you, for example, keep it simple like I'm doing right now. I'm trying to basically just model the behavior that I'm hoping that you guys are going to use by going live, for example, right now using one of the platforms that I use which is Zoom. Then repurposing this content as a podcast and syndicating it out to YouTube and to all the other platforms out there, and creating a blog post out of it. That's the power.

That's big end to our five-step blueprint because there's a lot of different sub-components in there and I welcome you guys to come along to the journey, listen to what we have to say. I do have a membership group as well. If you'd like to join in order to really learn this, the GoLive Group we call it. If you really want to learn this, you can join the group and let me know if you have any questions. Follow me. You can follow me anywhere out there on the internet, all the different platforms. Typically, on Facebook, you can just go to Facebook.com/goliveryan. Again, it's goliveryan. It's better than my last name, Steinolfson. They're long so it's STEIN-OLF-SON. It's like VAY-NER-CHUK. I like how Gary does that.

Also, text me if you want. If you want to get the list of the tech that I've been talking about. You can also see one of the digital marketing strategies that we used. You can text me. Text the word GO to 619-304-5155, 619-304-5155 and just text the word GO there and then that text goes directly to me on my smartphone and I'll be able to have a text conversation with you. That's just one of the examples of some of the tech that we used in the digital marketing automation that we used in order to create that closer connection with you, between you and the people that are watching you on live video. What better way to connect with somebody than via the intimacy of a text message when you just had an engagement with somebody over live video.

I encourage you to … Live video but also, a podcast so that even if it's recorded, you can still text me, have a conversation, ask questions, get immediate answers and have that connection with me if you have questions. Then, also, I'm going to give you that free bonus which is the list of all the gadgets that I recommend that you get.

Anyway, I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to this journey. We're going to be going live on a regular basis and we're going to be creating a podcast on a regular basis. Our plan is to create a podcast at least bimonthly, every two weeks. Most likely, we're going to go and create one every week. We'll let you know because I want to make sure that I can stick with it. We're going to start out with every two weeks for sure and we might bump that to every week. We'll let you know. Thank you and let us know what questions you have.