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Finally… A Tripod System, Wide Angle Lens, Two Cold Shoes, And A Finger Grip For Your IPhone 6 6S Or 6 Plus or 6S Plus That Fits In Your Pocket : The olloclip Studio

An IPhone 6S shoots amazing photo's, takes film quality video, and has amazing video editing capabilities so why shouldn't we be able to treat our IPhone 6's like a DSLR camera and attach them to a tripod, add a wide angle or fisheye lens, and add two cold shoes for a wireless microphone or lighting etc.?  Well, now you can, with the olloclip Studio, and even better yet, you can do all that and more by just adding the external devices to a rail system that is incorporated on the back of the olloclip Studio Iphone case.

Olloclip Studio with all the accessories

Studio with all the accessories

Olloclip Studio on tripod

olloclip Studio with tripod attachment, light attachment, finger grip, and wide angle lens

Adding lighting, microphones, and lenses to an IPhone has been around for years.  What the olloclip Studio does that is different is it allows you to add the all of these accessories seamlessly to a sleek iPhone case.  The whole Studio including the accessories only costs about $89.99 US and it works with the IPhone 6 and 6 Plus and 6S and 6S Plus.

Now that I am using the Studio I am able to create much more engaging live stream video's and pictures for social media because I am able to incorporate lighting, lenses, and microphones to create better photos and videos.  The video and photo quality difference by using the Studio will increase your engagement numbers on social media wither your using SnapChat, Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook Live, Instagram, YouTube etc.  Finally, because the phone is connected the internet you can more easily upload the photos and videos to the internet because you don't have to download from your DSLR and then re-upload the content from your computer.

You can visit PeriscopeRyan.com to learn more about the Studio or live stream gadgets or visit the olloclip web site here 🙂

Watch the video below to see the unboxing of the olloclip Studio.


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