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Do you remember the old days of hosting a “Town Hall” meeting? These meetings were organized to generally give an opportunity for the community to discuss ideas, address important issue, and create forward progress? Well, now you can do the same thing virtually through the use of 360 Live Video streaming to really gain valuable insight from your audience to actually help strengthen your brand and marketing strategies. Watch and learn how you can enhance your community engagement and experience through Live Stream Branding Tips:

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– Okay, Ryan Steinolfson here and I help businesses and brands leverage live video to get more customers and today I was, I was fortunate enough to leverage BlueJeans to go live with one of my clients in order to have a quote on quote town hall meeting that was really successful, I think, it was not impromptu but we learned a lot in the process.

And, what I learned is a couple of things.

Number one, let me just back up, so first of all, what is a town hall meeting? So, until BlueJeans came along and allowed us to allow brand advocates or digital marketers to go live on Facebook and actually interview somebody and show that person next to them, and interview not just one person but multiple people, actually bringing in as many as 100 different cameras onto the same screen on the live video feed on Facebook. Until that was possible, obviously a town hall wasn't feasible to happen.

And, a couple of things that are able to happen when you do a town hall and you have the ability to bring people in from the live video feed is that you can have what happened today, happen, which is we had a client or customer jump in, they saw the Facebook live, they were a current customer and they wanted to ask a few questions directly to the person that I was interviewing, Dimitri, who is the president of the company and it was just magical because they had a great experience with the camera which in one of the learning's that I had today, is that you definitely wanna question the person before they come in to make sure that they are, of sound mind and that they are potentially, you know, you don't want to screen everybody because you wanna get the good and the bad, it's town hall and it was an open discussion.

So we took a risk, took a chance and I think that's really what people want. They want transparency and that's one of the things that we got as feedback, is that all the people that were on, the people that were customers and non-customers, they just appreciated the fact that the president of the company was willing to go on live and talk to the people that are using the product in order to find out grass roots, what's happening.

And at the same time, what we found is, is in doing that we answered a lot of questions that people had and the other really cool thing is, is that a lot of people shared the video. So it had more reach than obviously, we could had by just going live on our Facebook page, we reached all the people that the other people know, obviously that shared the video.

And then, the other thing that we learned is that there is just a lot of questions. And. There was an opportunity for us to learn what really are the main concerns and questions so that the company can create really good content for the blog, because every one of those questions could be a particular blog post. So they've got their blog content created or at least the topics for their blog content for the next three or four months already put together just based on the questions that were posted multiple times.

And the other really cool learning was we really found that, and I've found that it makes it much easier when somebody actually, when we ask or we request that people just type in a comment in order to get a lead magnet. So the lead magnet that we had which if you know for digital marketing, if you're a digital marketer, if you're not, what a lead magnet is, is it's something of value that you're giving to somebody in exchange for their information. And what we're giving is, is we're giving basically, some virtual reality goggles that he was able to demonstrate.

And that's another really powerful learning is that when you can actually demonstrate and show using the power of video of product or whatever it is that you're doing. It makes it so much more powerful. And so he was able to demonstrate that and we were able to demonstrate using the screen sharing and the video play capabilities of BlueJeans a video that was pre-uploaded to the cloud and we're able to play any video that we wanted to.

So for example, what we're gonna do next time is we're gonna have a video uploaded to the cloud that will play in full, pretty much high definition. In other words, I'm not just showing my screen and playing video from my screen I'm actually uploading a video and we're gonna incorporate doing a lot more of that. The other thing that we learned is that we're gonna join groups and the groups that have to do a virtual reality and post the content to the groups if it makes sense for that group in order to increase our reach further.

So what we've bottom line is found, is that just keeping things simple, leveraging the power that BlueJeans has of being able to share the content, well, the power of BlueJeans is being able to bring multiple people into the conversation with their web camera and interview them and change the layout, meaning you can have them side by side with you, you can have them full-screen, you can have them where the speaker is the main screen and then there's a bunch of other video cameras below.

Changing up due to the way that people are seeing the video and what they're consuming is good, that's another learning because it creates visual change and I think that's a really good positive thing to keep people engaged. And also leveraging the power of being able to share your screen. So I literally was able to like take people to certain sections of their website and demonstrate what 360 video is, the experience of 360 video which, if you haven't experienced it and you don't go and watch a YouTube video on 360 you won't know it, so you gotta let people, that's the other take away is to let people experience what the product is either by showing it and demonstrating it or showing the screen in order to show the product from your website or wherever it is that you have the content.

So with that, I'm gonna go to my, I'm just gonna go to my channel here, I'm going to see. Here let me. Here, so this is, this is the video that we did today and I'm just demonstrating right now what we did. Basically, here's the video, you can see that you know, sometimes I'm side by side. Sometimes I'm you know, full screen where he's full screen and I'm full screen and we're going back and forth. A lot of times I'm sharing my screen, etc. And you know we got some really good engagement. 407 views, 1362 people reached 52 comments, six shares you know, and again just keeping it really simple.

We said, hey if you type in the word hello then you'll get the free, the free offer. So, anyway I hope that makes sense. I'm just gonna go over here and see if any questions have come in. And I'm gonna expire this video, I've actually got my VA with me today. She's gonna be editing this video so I've told her I'm gonna make it ten minutes or less, right? So, we're here in the office and she's visually working right there and we're gonna say hi, Jessica. There's Jessica.

Alright, so, okay, so I just wanted to show you here, real quick let me go and see if anybody else is on and then I'm gonna wrap this up. So again, a lot of learnings. Hey Jay, hey Dan, hope you guys are doing good. And let's see if you got any comments. If you guys want to jump in, I don't want to keep it too long because I wanna take it through our repurposing process. We got an SOP, a standard operating procedure for actually repurposing the content so I'm trying to make it right around ten minutes so that we can get the transcript and upload it to YouTube and all that kind of stuff. And make it something that's digestible.

So, get in, get out, make the point and that's it. So anyway, hope you guys are good, I'll talk to you soon and let me know if you have any questions just put the comments in below and share it if you think it's valuable. Alright, thanks, bye.