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Ryan Steinolfson here, and I'm coming to you from San Diego. I have a really quick tip and strategy that I want to share with you.

Over the past decade or so, I've seen a lot of strategies come and go, and with the advent of chat BOTS and Facebook live, and obviously Facebook advertising, there's really a lot of opportunity right now, to build a very powerful online marketing strategy.

What I've noticed is that there's a there's a connection between all three of the strategies that i previously mentioned. The problem out there is that people look at these as being disconnected. The three strategies that I talked about;

Triple Play Strategy

triple play strategytriple play strategy 




triple play strategy


  1. LIVE

  2. CHAT

  3. ADS

With ads, I'm not only just talking about Facebook. I'm talking about eventually Google etc.

Out of the two of the major platforms – the big ones being Google and Facebook right now, there's only one where you can leverage this triple play strategy, as I see it, is Facebook.

Now having said that, all the major platforms are going to have some form of the the triple play strategy, as I call it. And you'll see why in a second.

The biggest challenge, that I see is that, people think these are disconnected. And when you think that these strategies are disconnected, then you end up seriously hindering your ability to be able to reach more people and get your message out to the people you want to hear it. Also you are missing the chance to really engage people in the way that they want to be engaged. Which is really the name of the game.

I want to add value to people where they want to be delivered value.
And in the way that they want it to be delivered, and in the timeframe they want it delivered.

I also want to be able to engage with them on a deeper level.

I want to be able to engage with them, and give them the ability to engage with me, quickly and easily.

I want them to be able to you know hit the easy button. So this strategy I think is one of the most powerful strategies…
The Conversation Funnel

And you'll see how that really ties into this triple play strategy in just a second. Just think, if you're a business owner, if you start thinking about the connection of all three of these strategies, for lack of a better word; You're gonna really see a whole world of opportunities will open up for you, and you'll see much much more clearly what the long term opportunity is with platforms like Facebook and Google.

Let me just show you.

You've got ads, you've got chat & you've got live. And all three of these are connected.

You can make it so that when you go live, if you put in the word chat challenge, I will follow up with you to demonstrate how this actually this is connected, right here. How live is connected to chat.

I challenge people to type in the words ‘chat challenge' & I've got a five-day chat bot challenge coming up on Monday going through Friday of next week.

The way that I'm engaging with people is by adding value, like I'm doing right now.

I'm creating content.

So when I go live I encourage people to leave comments and when they do, I can respond to them through Facebook Messenger Chat.

You might wonder why would I want to do that?

The reason is because then I can have a much more engaged conversation with them, becoming more personalised in a one to one format. And I can deliver a whole lot more value, because in messenger I've got all of my great content. My lead magnets, everything I know I can give them, in order to bring them through that conversation funnel.

That's one connection.

I can also go live, as I frequently do and then turn that video into an ad for anything that I want. That's how the live video is connected to ads.

I'm gonna show you now that, you can also connect chat to ads. How?

Because i can receive chat responses from the ads I'm running, just like I would from the actual live video in the beginning, I can actually send people into chat.

Now they can chat with me, and they can have a more engaging conversation from an ad, and that could have been a live video, or any type of post.

I want you to see that this is these are connected.

I would go live, then turn it into an ad, and then that advert would send people to my Facebook Messenger chat. So that's how all three of these are connected.

I already showed you how live is connected to chat here. Because I can go live and right from the live video I can have you comment and then follow up later, or even make it so that, if you comment right now I can send something instantly, based on your comment.

I can send a live video that I did before to people, or I can let people know that I'm going live by actually using my chat bot. So there's a connection here going up to live video, connecting people to my live videos through chat. I hope you guys see that through Messenger.

So that's how chat is connected to live.

I can send people to my ad from my chat bot, sorry – my chat messenger. I don't really like using the words chat bot, because it's really not a bot. It's just a tool for me to be able to engage with people.

From chat, just like I sent people to live video, I can send somebody to one of my ads.
So hopefully you guys are seeing that connection there as well.

Now to finish this off, I can create an ad, and I can promote a live video.
In the ad, if I'm scheduling for the five day challenge – I'm actually going live for five days, I created a scheduled live video for all five days. Then I created an ad, for all of those live videos. And that's gonna drive traffic to the live videos, which I would then communicate and engage further with people through Messenger chat. Then once that live video has happened, I can create an ad for it, and so on and so forth.

So you can see all three of these elements are inter-connected. I want you to see that the more you realise these connections and the more that you see the opportunity here, the more synergistic that your marketing will become. And the bigger your world will become in terms of marketing in general.

If you understand this triple play strategy, what it's gonna do is, it's gonna really catapult you into a position to leverage all of these strategies. Because when they work together, synergistically, the sum is way more than the parts. And that's what I want you to see. That is what is so revolutionary about this.

That's also what I'm gonna be talking to you about in the five day challenge.

So if you're in the five day challenge, at the end of it you're gonna have a full chatbot. You're gonna have this section of it totally completed. This is pretty darn easy, ads are not that hard;  I mean really they're not that challenging to setup. And live video is just a matter of going live, it's just pressing the record button.

I'm gonna be going over this, and I'm gonna talk a little bit more about how these are all connected at the end as a bonus.

But I want you guys to really see this, and hope that you leverage this this concept, this triple play strategy in your business.

I do have a Facebook group where I talk about this stuff, please do share this post.
That's my ask, I gave a lot of really good content here.

This is the sum of years and years of understanding of digital marketing. I would really appreciate if you'd share this content with anybody that you think would benefit from it. Also please  join the chat challenge by posting below the original Facebook video found here.

Then I will get you signed up for that, and we'll let you know when we go live.

I created an ad, and then I I'm asking people to chat, in order to subscribe or enrol for the five day challenge.

So I hope you found value here, let me know what questions you have. This is what we use in my agency, to crush it for our clients and I know that you can do the same thing too.

Talk to you guys soon.