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This article will show you what to do when you you want to do a Zoom webinar live video

Open Webinar in your Zoom account or click the Zoom webinar live video link that you were sent

Choose computer audio

Choose computer audio if you feel confident in your internet connection and wifi.  If not call in with your phone with the information on the Phone Call section and click done.

Click on Test Computer Mic and Speakers

Only complete this step of you selected to use computer audio

Test Speakers, Microphone, and Exit

Only complete this step if you choose computer audio

Select computer audio and “Join Audio Conference by Computer”

Select computer audio and “Join Audio Conference by Computer” if you are using your computer audio instead of your phone

Copy URL or invite other

1. Copy the URL to share in your comments if your going to be inviting others during your broadcast to join you.

2. Click “Invite Other” in order to send an email out to your co-hosts or participants that want to be in the “green room” with you during the webinar

Click on your audion and video if they are off

Add Participants

When you see a number other that then number 1 next to participants then you know that you have other participants in the webinar.  You will need to click on the Participants button to “promote” your co-host if you did not ad them as a co-host during set up.

Q & A, Polling, Screen Share, and Chat

1. Answer questions from your partipants with the Q & A button

2. Poll your audience with the polling button

3. Share your screen and or your smartphone screen with the Share Screen button

4. Chat with the audience or co-host or participants privately with the Chat button

Click the More button to record and GoLive

1. Click the more button

2. Click the record button in order to have a backup recording of the webinar that you can syndicate out to your social media etc.

3. Click the “Live on Facebook” to GoLive on Facebook

Select your GoLive

1. Edit your title if you want to.  Don't add your affiliate link in the title and do add hashtags etc.

2. Choose where you want to broadcast (most likely to your Facebook Page)

3. Choose what Page your going to broadcast to if you manage multiple page or what list is going to see the live video if you going live to you Facebook personal profile timeline.

4. Click GoLive!


Monitor the GoLive status bar

Watch the GoLive status bar so you know when your live.  Your live when the blue bar reaches the end

The Live Page on Facebook

Keep the Live page up on your computer and mimimize it so that you can have your Zoom tab open next to it so you can monitor what is going on in your webinar “green room” as well

Zoom meeting panel and Facebook Live page side by side & changing layout

Have your Facebook page and Zoom panel open up side by side so you can monitor and manage both.

Also, make sure that your toggeling between Gallery and speaker mode during the live video so that you create the effect you want when your live.  You can monitor the effect that toggeling between the Gallery and speaker by monitoring what happens on the Facebook side about 3 seconds after you click the layout button.

Stop Live Stream

When you want to end the Live Video feed to Facebook the follow these steps.  Note: you will still be live in the webinar with your participants and co-hosts etc. even when you end the Facebook Live Video.

Delete, Edit, or Embed

During the video or after you can delete the live video from Facebook, edit the title, or grab the embed code to embed the Live video on your own web site


When your live or after your live you can share the live video man different ways

Options for sharing

You have many different options for sharing your live video during or after you GoLive

End Meeting

1. Click here to end the webinar

2. Click here to End Meeting for all or just leave the meeting